Two Like Bonnie & Clyde

An interactive rogue comedy!

B & S aka Bonnie & Clyde are desperately dreaming about making a fortune, getting married in Las Vegas and enjoying their retirement in Latin America. Their plan? They want to rob a bank. As easy as ABC! You may think…

Unfortunately, the two wannabe bank robbers end up in a former shoe storage where they discover that S. must have grabbed a bag full of groceries instead of the haul. However, B & S do not give up that easily. They decide to make another attempt, but they discover soon, that is the small things causing the big problems: a great competition with other bank robbers, opaque stocking masks and an empty petrol tank.

Although they intensify their rehearsals for the bank robbery, the follow-up attempts fail miserably as well.

In the end, there seems to be a happy ending for Sharon at least, which is rather a coincidence than the result of her intelligence.

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