Sir William's Secret

A turbulent and thrilling crime-comedyshow with hilarious scenes!

An imaginative story from the "good old Victorian England" featuring the London High Society, Scotland Yard, Butler James and at least one murder. London 1888: Jack the Ripper is frightening the East End. Nevertheless, at "Fitzurse Manor", the home of Sir William and his beloved wife Lady Elenor, the world still seems to be in order. Friends of the noble couple are gathered for a private dinner, when a hideous murder takes place in the presence of the whole company. Innumerous intricate situations, unexpected turns, and funny interludes and punch lines are spicing up the evening. Inspector McPherson of Scotland Yard is in search for some extraordinary investigation units to support the police work. Here, the audience may join the hunt for the murderer. A good laugh in the best tradition of "Monty Python" and the good old "British sense of humor" are guaranteed.

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